The Family Stories Project

Inside: What is the family story project? What will it look like? What can you do to help?

On Friday, I sent home a letter to ask for your help with a new digital writing project. You can read the letter that describes the project below.

I wanted to use this blog-space to show you an example of where we are heading with the project.

What's cool about this kind of digital storytelling is that you can link all sort of things to the pins on the map (See below.) I've included some photos along with some short text in my example.

But the possibilities are endless. Can you imagine a video (UPDATE BELOW) or audio recording of a grandparent telling a story linked to a pin? Can you imagine a Google Doc or slideshow linked to a pin? As soon as I realized these possibilities, I realized what a powerful storytelling tool this could be.

I'm not sure when the FINAL due date for the entire project will be, but I'd like to have at least some of the locations and stories to school by Friday, Sept. 20th. Of course, since things are digital, we can update our map as new information comes in. I'm imagining that this might take several weeks to complete.

Finally, as far as getting photos or videos for the map? I can see several options:
  • BEST OPTION (for the more computer savvy!): Share a Drive folder with your child using his/her email address. We haven't talked about email yet with the students, but it is this:
  • Email files to your child. If the file size isn't too big, they can download these files to their computer. 
  • Airdrop files to your child's computer. They will be able to bring them home starting on Monday.
  • Email me the files and I can help transfer them.
Please know that I do not expect any photos or videos, these are just an option this project enables! I think a cell phone photo of a photo would be good enough. These don't have to be professionally scanned or anything! But remember: if you don't want the bother of photos, just forget-about-it!

My expectations are to tell a few short stories and to help our learners see how their family stories are a) an important part of who they are; b) situated in both time and place.

Here is the letter I sent home on Friday explaining the project.


VIDEO: I see that however My Maps adds video doesn't add from the computer; it must link from some hosting source like YouTube. That won't work for the kids because they aren't old enough to have a YouTube channel, technically.

One option is to put a video in Drive and then post a link in the text. See the Pin about my Grandfather (Verner) from Duluth, MN to see what I did with that. (I'm learning, too! :)