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Family Stories Project Update

INSIDE: A quick update on the project. A touching video about family stories.

Thank you so much for your help with the family stories project. I've extended the "due date" so that kids could get more stories into their maps.

As the stories have come in, I am so pleased with what I have been hearing from the kids. So many of them have reported that they are learning things about their families that they either a) did not know before, and/or b) if they had heard the stories, they report that they had not understood them to the degree they now understand them.

I think this is cool stuff.

I am also impressed with the way the digital maps seem to help the students situate the stories they have in time and place. Several discovered just what a small town a distant relative moved to. This caused them to imagine what those lives might have been like so long ago.

Some noticed how clustered their pins are, a sign of how important having a home place is in our lives…

The Family Stories Project

Inside: What is the family story project? What will it look like? What can you do to help?

Some of My Favorite Short Science Video Channels

Inside: A short take on some excellent sources of short science videos.

Our Science Classroom this Year

Inside: What Happens in Science Class. Our science standards. How I will report progress. Science letter to parents.